Spherachutes has gone to great lengths to ensure that you will receive a high quality parachute that will deliver your rocket safe and sound.  We are proud of the reliability and design of the Spherachutes and we know you will be too.

serge (1).jpg

A Spherachute is hemispherical in design.  Its 3-D shape makes inversion of the 'chute nearly impossible and it has less opening shock then a conical 'chute.  Spherachutes are made with 1.9 oz. ripstop fabric, to prevent tearing.  All panels are sewn together using a 4 thread serge stitch, for extra reinforcement.  For these seams, size 46 nylon bonded thread is utilized.


To sew the shroud lines and the deployment bag attachment to the parachute, a triple stitch zigzag is used.  This type of zigzag triples the strength of a normal zigzag. The thread is size 69 nylon bonded.


All parachutes have a spill hole at the top to help with stability.


For sizes 18" to 60", the shrouds are sewn to the inside of the canopy. The shrouds used for these sizes are Mil-C 5040, type IA. The load rating for the IA is 100 lbs. For the 72", the line size has been upgraded to Mil-C 5040, type IIA.  The load rating for the IIA is 225 lbs.  The shrouds on the 72" are sewn to the inside of the canopy.


For sizes 84" to 192", the shroud lines are sewn on the outside of the canopy for added strength.  The cord used for these sizes is Mil-C 5040, type IIA.  The load rating is 225 lbs.  All 'chutes in this range have a row of 1/2" grossgrain tape sewn around the spill hole and over the top of the shrouds to help reduce the negative effects of opening shock.


All sizes from 84" to 192" have a piece of webbing sewn into the spill hole to attach a deployment bag or drogue chute.  The spill hole is reinforced with a row of 1/2" grossgrain tape.


After the shrouds are sewn, they are gathered and tied in an easy to adjust knot for customizing the shroud length.


The parachute shown is an 18" with six shroud lines.  The number of lines is the same as the number of panels per 'chute.


All Spherachutes come with a draw string storage bag for protection and organization.


If you are serious about rocketry, then you need a serious parachute.  The craftsmanship of Spherachutes guarantees a brilliant parachute design with longevity and reliability in mind.


If you are not completely convinced that Spherachutes is the right choice, then let us mention that each 'chute is made specifically for you with the colors that you choose.  Now you can bring that rocket down safely and with class!