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    Hand-made Custom Quality & Reliable Performance


    Spherachutes is a woman-owned business offering high quality parachutes for rocketry, drone recovery, UAVs, high altitude weather balloons and many other unmanned vehicles or payloads. Custom colors are available on any Spherachute at no extra charge. Thirteen vibrant colors to choose from!


    Hand-Made Custom Products



    Introducing the ULTRA Light Spherachute!  Made with incredibly light and durable .66 oz. membrane 10 taffeta nylon fabric, these chutes are just what you've been waiting for.  All ULTRA's are alternating Blaze Orange and White for high visibility and Mil-C 5040, type IA suspension lines. These are perfect for weather balloonists, drone enthusiasts, and minimum diameter rockets.  You won't believe how light and compact these beauties are.  Proudly made with the same impeccable quality you've come to expect from Spherachutes.



    The Spherachute excels in providing reliable performance with unparalleled quality for your model rocket parachute, large project or certifications needs.  A heavy duty option is available if you would like to use this design as a drogue.



    The Apex Drogue is a simple design created to increase the drogue's drag as the speed increases. The concept is similar to a ballute parachute.  Similar drogues have been successfully utilized in underwater applications for over twenty years. The Apex has a small mouth for the air to enter which makes it nearly impossible for inversion.  It only has three lines to minimize tangling potential.   Each line is secured to the drogue using a butterfly technique. This type of connection can withstand large amounts of pressure and jostling.  The line is rated at 440 pound breaking strength.  Florescent orange ripstop and black webbing make a highly visible and gorgeous drogue.  We have such extreme confidence in the design and construction of the Apex that we are offering a free replacement warranty for any wear and tear.


    "Just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful parachutes.  My new rocket is Orange, black and white, and so I ordered the chutes to match. I ordered on Sunday night and had my chutes Wednesday. They look great, will be ordering more for my next rocket." 

     --Paul S.



     "Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for your fantastic products and amazing prices. I've been a very satisfied Spherachute-ist for several years. Last weekend, I accidentally threw a 9000-foot ballistic reentry at 340 mph into an old 60" chute and the only thing that failed was a fist-size rip in the fabric-- not a single stitch on the chute popped-- I was amazed!”

    -- David


      " I purchased my first Spherachute a couple months back. It arrived just a few days after I placed the order. Unfortunately, on it's first flight I had a premature deployment and the chute survived (other than the expected melting) at about 300 mph! Great chutes and service! And I love how easy they pack. You've got a customer for life."  


    -- Aaron S.


        "Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my Spherachute parachute! I was able to safely retrieve my video camera footage, thanks to Spherachutes. 
        It is a great product, one we don’t have a supplier or manufacturer for here in Australia. I 100% recommend Spherachutes for it’s reliability in weather balloon recovery. 
        Last, but certainly not least, the service. Wow with the customer service!  My parachute was shipped ahead of schedule, and all correspondence was polite and pleasant. And when issues occurred, I was impressed by how quickly my needs were addressed. 
    Incredible customer service!”
    A couple links to Jak’s awesome project:

    -- Jak N.  


    Greeley, CO USA

    (970) 352-4262

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