8-panel Hemispherical parachute - Diameter of lower opening is 30.57". A 3.82" diameter vent hole is included. 


Materials: Mil-c 5040 Type IA suspension line, .66 nylon taffeta alternating blaze orange and white.


Packed dimensions: 2.5"X3"X1.75"


Total Weight: 1.5 ounces

48" ULTRA Light Spherachute

SKU: 48Ultra
  • Introducing the ULTRA Light Spherachute!  Made with incredibly light and durable .66 oz. membrane 10 taffeta nylon fabric, these chutes are just what you've been waiting for.  All ULTRA's are alternating Blaze Orange and White for high visibility and Mil-C 5040, type IA suspension lines. These are perfect for weather balloonists, drone enthusiasts, and minimum diameter rockets.  You won't believe how light and compact these beauties are.  Proudly made with the same impeccable quality you've come to expect from Spherachutes. 

  • For orders that have already been shipped, there is a 25% restocking fee.  Also, shipping charges will not be refunded.  The parachute must be unused and clean to receive a refund.  All returns must be sent back within 45 days of the purchase.  Allow 30 days to process the refund.